Quick & Multi Fix is a newly developed dual adhesive system. It is with the liquid adhesive and the welding powder. The liquid adhesive bonds instantly and powerfully, and can be used by itself or with the welding powder. The welding powder is formulated to harden instantly when it comes in contact with the liquid adhesive.


The liquid adhesive bonds instantly and powerfully and dries clear.

The liquid adhesive and welding powder can repair, seal, and fill holes, gaps, cracks.

The hardened welding powder is white color, can be instantly drilled, sanded, filed, and painted.

Quick & Multi Fix can repair many mixed materials like copper to plastic, rubber to acrylic, PVC to metal, wood to ceramic, and on and on.

Quick & Multi Fix will not dry out in the container. Guaranteed for 12 months.

The convenient, non-clog nozzles allow for pin-point application of adhesive and welding powder.


The Quick & Multi Fix has wide range of applications. It can bond almost any material to itself or to another material. Materials that it may be applied to include:
Rubber, vinyl, Glass, Copper, Aluminum, Steel, most Plastics, Wood, Ceramics and non-porous materials.

Quick & Multi Fix Adhesive activates when oxygen is staved from the joint. Firmly press parts together, hold together for a moment to remove the air, and the items are instantly bonded together. Excess adhesive can be wiped away with any clean cloth material.
Note: Quick & Multi Fix is not suitable for polyethylene, polypropylene plastics, Teflon, or fiber based materials like paper or cloth.

Quick & Multi Fix Welding Powder can be used to repair, seal, and fill gaps in plastic, wood, and metal. When activated with Quick & Multi Fix Adhesive, it will build a support to strengthen the repair or can be used to weld materials together, just like solder.

Quick & Multi Fix saves time and saves money.


Quick & Multi Fix is more than super glue.


Additional information

WEIGHT 0.125 lbs
DIMENSIONS 3.75 x 0.875 x 7.75 in

Quick & Multi Fix