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Technically advanced self-fusing silicone tape!



RepairPlus1's Silicone Tape is made from a special silicone material which sticks (bonds) only to itself. RepairPlus1's Silicone Tape has NO ADHESIVE and leaves no residue when removed. RepairPlus1's Silicone Tape stretches up to 300% and conforms to irregular shapes.




RepairPlus1's Silicone Tape fuses only to itself and creates a permanent air and liquid tight seal/ RepairPlus1's Silicone Tape is excellent for wrapping cables and wire, will insulate to 8000 Volts (per unstretched layer), will not melt up to 500°F (260°C), and withstands UV and weathering like no other tape.

Stocked in 1 inch width in 10 foot length rolls.

• Material: Silicone
• Resists temperatures -60°F (-50°C) up to 500°F (260°C)
• Remains flexible to -60°F (-50°C)
• No adhesive, therefore no residue when removed
• Conforms to shape to create an air and water tight seal
• 1 inch width, 10 foot length per roll
• Stocked for immediate shipment

RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape Technical Data Sheet

RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape - for Automotive, Electrical, Plumbing, Marine, and hundreds of other uses.

Suggested RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape Applications Include:

• Automotive
• Electrical
• Plumbing
• Masking
• Marine
• Satellite
• Sealing
• Insulating

• Emergency repairs
• Weatherproofing connections
• Protection against corrosion
• Cable and wire harnesses
• Clamping irregular shapes
• Seal pipes, hoses, and fittings
• Boat rigging and rope ends
• Sport/tool grips and handles

RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape
Family of Products

RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape
Original Quick Fix

RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape
Ducts, Joints & Hoses

RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape

RepairPlus1 Silicone Putty is a malleable material that shares similar operating temperature properties as RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape, designed to fit into any gap, depression or hole easily. RepairPlus1 Silicone Putty is designed to be used along with RepairPlus1 Silicone Tape in order to help fill irregular gaps, as well as improve the strength of air and water tight seals. With RepairPlus1 Silicone Putty, you can save time, save money and save tape!

Self-Fusing Silicone Tape

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