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The best selling spray to improve tire traction!


Today, there are an increasing number of cities and states prohibiting the use of tire chains and other traction devices to reduce potholes, deep cracks, and chips on roads. So how do you protect yourself from icy roads and intense driving situations?

Tyre-Grip™ is the best selling traction device that poses no danger to highway and local road infrastructures. Tyre-Grip™ is a thin resin film that is applied to your tires, improving the traction on your tires up to 300%!

Purchase one for you and your family today!
(Family Pack discounts available!)


• Improves traction on tire treads up to 300% on slippery wet surfaces, black ice, sleet, and snowy roads.
• Easy to apply with just a touch of a button.
• One 16oz can lasts 20+ applications (Spray 80 car tires!)
• Retains its effectiveness up to approximately 50 miles.
• Prevents snow from accumulating on your tires.
• Three times normal grip on wet (or black) ice at around +3°C (37.4°F).
• Grip increases during near freezing temperatures. “So the colder it gets, the stronger it grips".
• Natural Resin Adhesive.
• Causes no physical or chemical affect to the body paint, metal, or tires on the car.
• Environmentally safe. Contain no harmful solvents.
• Causes no damage to roads or driveways.
• Can be conveniently stored in the trunk of your car for immediate access.
• Comes in a 16oz can.

Tyre-Grip™ Black Ice Protection

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