Tyre-Grip FAQ

What is Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive?

How does it work?

How thick is the resin layer and does it wear off?

How long will it last?

Can it harm the tires?

No adverse effects have been observed in exhaustive testing by leading tire manufacturers.

Can the tires be over-treated?

Can Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive be applied the night before for use the next morning?

Should I spray all four tires?

How long is a spray can likely to last?

How much is the road grip increased?

What is the shelf life of a can of Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive?

Is Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive harmful to car paint or bodywork?

Are the aerosol propellants harmful to the environment in any way?

Has the product been independently tested and proven?

What other uses does Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive have?

What happens if I accidentally get some of the solutions on my hands?

Why is Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive rightly regarded as one of the “top” new winter products not just another gimmick?

In what other countries is Tyre-Grip Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive now sold?

When is Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive most likely to come in handy?

Where should Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive be stored or carried?

How long has the product been on the market?

Is Tyre-Grip™ Adhesive a substitute for careful winter driving?